Any cancellation requests should be sent to our billing department or communicated to your Account Manager. The cancellation will not be valid until it has been confirmed by the relevant department. Promarq Digital Technologies will not be held responsible for any third-party services, such as web hosting, web development, article writing, and so on.

Promarq Digital Technologies does not give refunds on the services due to their nature. If you make a monthly payment, it is understood that the next month’s payment will be released only after evaluating the current month’s performance.

We simply provide White Label Digital Marketing and Web Development in Nagpur. You may get a refund if you are dissatisfied with our services under our discretion.

In some cases, you may request a refund from Promarq Digital Technologies under special circumstances. You have up to 15 days from the date of your purchase to submit a refund request.

If you don’t ask for a refund within the 15 days of your service term, we’ll assume that you’re satisfied with our service and there will be no refunds.

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